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Things to Keep in Mind

Never use the same password for more than one account or website. If someone figures out your password, or it is leaked from a data breach, multiple accounts are going to be under threat. Using strong and unique passwords will help mitigate any such risk.

Using your name, birthday, or other similar information will reduce the strength of your password as this data can be already available online. Try to use a randomized set of characters with the help of a random password generator like this one.

It is typically recommended to use at least 16 characters, and also include special characters in your passwords. More characters means that your password will be less likely to be cracked with brute force attempts.

Update your passwords frequently. Changing your passwords every six to twelve months is considered good practice. This will reduce the likelihood of your password to be compromised in data breaches. If you hear of any website security threats or breaches, you should change your passwords immediately.

Using a random set of characters in security question and their answers is also recommended. The main issue with security question answers is that a leak from another website might help those with malicious intent to break into your accounts using these questions.

Do not share your passwords in email or text messages. If you really need to share your details, try to use a system that does not keep any history of messages.

Use a password manager. Although this can pose another risk, using a password manager can help you manage your data, while still allowing you to login to your accounts easily. We recommend only working with known companies if you want to do this.

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